Meet Heidi Elnora

Heidi Elnora is an Alabama-based wedding dress designer, female entrepreneur, television personality, industry leader, and most importantly, wife and mother of three children, Jack, Bo and Eleanor.  Heidi’s journey began upon graduation from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2002 where Heidi was taught the couture techniques of the fashion industry. Upon graduation, Heidi was offered a position as an assistant designer at Carters, Inc. in Atlanta. While in Atlanta, Heidi auditioned and was selected for the 2nd season of Project Runway. In 2006, Heidi decided it was time to turn her dream into a reality. She moved back home to Alabama and created her company, heidi elnora.

Heidi’s trademark brand, Build-A-Bride™, reflects Heidi’s raw, Southern heritage, and appeals to a wide range of brides. Through a customizable design process, each dress transcends traditional wedding dress options, allowing brides the ability to have ownership in designing the most cherished garment they will ever wear--their wedding dress. Heidi’s dresses are recognized for their progressive simplicity, fine attention to detail and warm feminine relevance. Each dress is a direct reflection of our company’s commitment to quality construction, down to each hand-sewn stitch and detail. Designed with careful consideration, our dresses are elegant, delicate and full of life.

With over 12+ years of bridal industry experience, Heidi has dressed thousands of brides. She has sold wholesale to over 30+ stores nationally and internationally, including Nordstrom for 10+ years. She has had an internationally acclaimed reality tv show entitled, Bride By Design, that aired on TLC while showcasing the Build-A-Bride™ collection. However, over the years, Heidi has noticed a change and shift in the way women shop for their wedding dress. They want a more personal and convenient approach. This is where Build-A-Bride™ comes in. Though Build-A-Bride™ was conceived in 2008, it was not until January 2, 2018, after years of planning, tweaking, and editing the line that the brand came full circle. As of today, Heidi Elnora has created the FIRST “Direct to Consumer, In-Home Bridal Boutique Experience”  (IHBBE - for short) through her highly acclaimed and sought after Build-A-Bride™ collection.


Meet Codie Davis - Curator Field Coordinator

Codie Davis is a child of God, wife to a cowboy and momma to two gorgoues little girls, Blakelee June and Ridgelynn Jones. She spends all of free time at their family farm counting cows, dreaming of the next adventure and soaking up every second with her babies. She can be found with a camera in her hand almost daily capturing life around her and trying to take in as much as she can. Her favorite things, besides her family, are a good book, a cold Dr. Pepper and a road trip to somewhere warm with a body of water.

Codie and Heidi go way back. Heidi actually prayed that Codie would be a girl before she was even born. Having all boy cousin’s on her dad’s side of the family, she desperately needed a girl on her side. Her prayers were answered when her favorite cousin of 1985 was born. They have always been sister-like close and have shared so many laughs and memories over the years. It wasn’t that surprising when Codie received a phone call late one evening from Heidi asking her to please meet her half way between their homes to talk. On January 2nd, 2018 in a cozy booth of a restaurant that was literally minutes away from closing, Heidi told her the concept of Build-A-Bride™ and instantly Codie fell in love with the whole idea! They immediately started meeting weekly to discuss and delegate to make Build-A-Bride™ come to life. As the process has grown and evolved, it’s been absolutely amazing, sometimes exhausting and totally mind blowing to see it all come full circle.

Codie is the Curator Field Coordinator at Build-A-Bride Enterprises, Inc. She works hand in hand with all of our Bridal Curators as their direct connection with home office. She strives to be a light of encouragement as these Boss B.A.B.E.s build and grow their own businesses. From the initial welcome to training, weekly chats and laughs, Codie serves as support system for our Bridal Curators.  


About Build-A-Bride Enterprises Inc.

Build-A-Bride Enterprises, Inc. is an honest company made up of talented, diverse artisans whose passion, dedication and true grit Southern spirits makes up the fabric of our culture. Our roots are proudly planted in Alabama, but our wings and design inspiration spread far. Each dress has a unique story inspired by the people and places that have impacted Heidi’s soul. These human connections and genuine experiences are interwoven into the heart of our company and sewed into each collection. Team Build-A-Bride™ is committed to treating our brides like family and providing the most personalized journey to designing their wedding dress that can only be experienced with our curators.

We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to face any challenge as an opportunity to grow, and never settling for less than our best. We hustle. We give nothing short of 110 percent effort. We never finish learning. We find inspiration in life’s curve balls. We find light in darkness. We choose grace in all circumstances. Above all, we work tirelessly to never lose sight of our purpose: to help brides feel confident and beautiful in the dress of their dreams.

We stay true to our heritage, embrace our Southern edge, and allow our unique designs to be inspired far beyond our reach. We thank God for our continued blessings and new growth opportunities that allow us to serve as artisans influencing our community and industry.

As a Build-A-Bride Entrepreneur (B.A.B.E - for short), you will have access to our complete Build-A-Bride System, along with the Build-A-Bride™brand name that brides have come to know and trust. You will get the benefit of 12+ years of time-tested and proven business concepts from our first-hand experiences. Your home office will be here to support and motivate you while building your B.A.B.E. business. We encourage each of our curators to collaborate and contribute ideas that will collectively benefit the company as a whole.

Build-A-Bride Enterprises, Inc. is built on strong, consistent branding, with a defined system of best practices, and an all-around set of standards created to make our future team members thrive. Potential Build-A-Bride Entrepreneurs (B.A.B.E. - for short) must be able and willing to learn the system and work within the specific parameters of our business. We are seeking B.A.B.E.s who will present the brand in the most positive light. We want our B.A.B.E.s to be successful.