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Birmingham, alabama 

I was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. I’ve always loved southern lifestyle – the food, the traditions, the history, the football and, of course, the southern weddings.

I received my Bachelor’s degree from Auburn University (War Eagle!) and my Master’s degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham in Exercise Physiology.

I met my amazing husband in Auburn while I was finishing my undergraduate degree. After a year and a half of dating, my sweet boyfriend at the time dropped down to his knee in the middle of the sandy beaches and proposed in front of our families.  

I have 3 younger sisters and so when it came time to find my perfect dress Heidi was the only person my family trusted to take my mom’s dress and make it into something all 4 of us would wear. With her incredible eye, Heidi convinced me that I could not only incorporate aspects of her dress, but I could wear a dress redesigned entirely out of my mother’s dress. And she would even leave room for changes for each sister. It was perfect. And my dress was perfect. Now, there will be three more versions of that dress worn by each of my sisters and in the end 5 women in my family will have worn the same dress. Heidi helped me design my perfect dress and now I can’t wait to help you design your perfect Heidi Elnora dress!

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Alex married her best friend,  Adam, on a beautiful afternoon at Canterbury United Methodist Church on Saturday, April 12, 2014.  It was everything she could have dreamed of and was rich with tradition. The church was where Alex grew up and the minister who officiated the ceremony, Michael Holly, was her youth minister when she was younger. To add to the tradition, Alex's wedding gown was her mother’s dress; only it was completely redesigned by Heidi. What was a beautiful, very 80’s style wedding gown was transformed into her perfect dress all while using the original materials. Heidi helped to preserve her mom’s dress while still working with me to make it a more modern style. Not only was it a special way to connect with Alex's mom but Heidi made it such a fun experience too! Along with her mother’s wedding gown, they had their niece, Harper Ann Yates, wear a French hand sewn dress that my maternal grandmother made for my mother to wear originally followed by numerous family members, including Alex. It was a special way to have her grandmother present at the wedding through her incredible skills. After the ceremony, the newlyweds and their guests trolleyed over to the Country Club of Birmingham to continue the celebration with some motown music. The ballroom was decorated by Carole Sullivan at Lagniappe Designs with beautiful peach and pink hued flowers. Everyone danced the night away. Thanks to their incredibly talented videographer, Chip Burns, Alex and Adam get to watch the whole wedding over and over again. At the end of the night, the happy couple said their goodbyes to friends and family and headed off to St. Lucia for a perfect honeymoon!