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Tampa, Florida 

Hello! My name is Barron Williams and I am a 23-year old from Dadeville, Alabama. I graduated from Auburn University in 2017 with a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science, and a minor in Psychology. I have my own 5013c Charity called “Rae of Hope” and own my own T-Shirt brand called “Mind over Matter”. This brand is all about promoting positivity that was founded by me during my own personal time of needing positivity in my life.

Now residing in Tampa, Florida, I have a contract with Next Management both internationally, and in Miami, Florida. My boyfriend and I of 2 years together, embarked a journey to Tampa, Florida, as is he is a student-athlete who is a member of the University of South Florida Basketball team.  An interesting story is that we each had our own rescued blue-nose pit-bulls names Maui and Athena when we first met. They both look identical and give us both great joy and happiness. We truly believe that God sent them our way!

I have modeled as a Heidi Bride on many occasions and different events.  My favorite event would have to be the one that occurred during my 2011 reign as Miss Alabama Teen USA.  During my reign, she customized for me a fantastic gown that in turn had everyone staring at me all night and giving me numerous compliments. Let’s just say, Heidi’s gowns give you such a fantastic boost of confidence!

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Barron Williams is a 23 year old originally from Dadeville, AL. She graduated with a bachelors In exercise science and a minor in psychology from one of the top schools in the country called Auburn University. Barron is the owner of her own 501 3 C charity called Rae Of Hope and a T-shirt Brand called Mind Over Matter. Mind Over Matter is all about positivity that was produced during her own time of darkness and need. Now residing in Tampa, FL she runs her businesses and models with Next Model Management Worldwide. She has a boyfriend of two years where they both embarked on the journey to Florida together as he plays basketball for USF. They both have two rescued blue nose pit-bulls who both look like identical sisters and they both take that from a sign from God that they are meant to be. Wake boarding, hiking, riding the boat, being on the beach, or anything to do with being outdoors is what she usually spends her free time doing. Barron has been a Heidi Bride many times especially during her reign as Miss Alabama Teen USA 2011. Her favorite moment when is when she closed one of Heidi’s shows at Birmingham Fashion week. She felt more alive and confident in her Heidi gown than ever before.