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Minimum Investment for Maximum Opportunity
— heidi elnora

Step one

Build-A-Bride™ is a collection of wedding dresses designed by Heidi Elnora. (We refer to our dresses as a canvas that brides can build their dream dress upon.) The women responsible for these canvases are our “Bridal Curators™.” Bridal Curators™ help the brides to turn their canvas into an original work of art - their wedding dress. Build-A-Bride Enterprises, Inc is the FIRST EVER “Direct to Consumer, In-Home Bridal Boutique Experience” (IHBBE – for short).

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As a Build-A-Bride Entrepreneur, (B.A.B.E.™) you are able to provide an extremely unique and customizable experience for the bride-to-be. It is by far our favorite part of the entire entrepreneurial opportunity! We offer a specialized and unique experience by helping the bride to find her perfect wedding dress by bringing the bridal boutique to her.

What makes being a Build-A-Bride Entrepreneur (B.A.B.E.) different than owning a brick and mortar bridal boutique is that there is NOTHING like it in the market. The bridal market is oversaturated with brick and mortar stores. People want the convenience of having things brought to them in the comfort of their home. With the bridal industry changing rapidly, we are targeting brides with a moderate budget. These brides love the idea of custom but don’t want to blow the bank to have it. As a B.A.B.E., you do not have to worry with the day-to-day stresses and overhead of owning a storefront. You are your storefront.


Step Two

Bridal Curators™ are based in “territories”. Territories are broken down by county groupings and defined by population. We have conducted market and area research when defining territories. We do not wish to overpopulate so territories are capped based on population and other market factors as to how many Bridal Curators™ can be supported within each territory. If the territory you are interested in is not available at the time of your application, you can be placed on a waiting list.

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We have gone the extra step to ensure that there is a common courtesy between Bridal Curators™ within a territory and Bridal Curators™ in different territories. You are encouraged to work your business within your assigned territory, however you are able to go into other territories if you give the Bridal Curator™ there an advanced notice. She will then have the option of coming to the appointment with you and may ultimately be able to earn a percentage of the commission. If there is not a Bridal Curator™ assigned to a territory, this area is open for all Bridal Curators™ until an official Bridal Curator™ is assigned.


Step three

Each B.A.B.E.™ has a kit. We call it the “Curator Kit”™ that is built to her likings and targeted for her area. Bridal style varies from coast to coast and you’ll see that same trend reflected in our curator kits! Each kit consists of at least 3 basic silhouettes, 5 add ons, 2 belts and 3 veils. These items are transported to and from appointments in our custom garment bags.

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Each dress and accessory is displayed using hangers and clips that are included in the kit. Each curator’s kit will grow and change as their businesses grow and blossom. Our bridal curators™ can add to their kits whenever they’d like. They may also choose to add new items as the Build-A-Bride™ line evolves and expands.

Alongside the dresses, add-ons, and accessories, you will find that each kit is equipped with all the tools needed for a successful appointment. Each kit includes a rack specifically designed for the “In Home Bridal Boutique Experience” (IHBBE). It is lightweight, easy to maneuver and folds effortlessly into the standard trunk of almost any sedan. Not to mention, the black and copper on the rack make the items hanging on it stand out perfectly! Our favorite part of the rack is the brand signage. Each rack has a mini storefront sign that hangs beautifully displaying our logo.

Our Curator Kit™ duffle bag is perfect for packing all of your appontment must haves! The stylish design and perfect handles make it an asset to your business. In a Bridal Curator™’s duffle bag you can find a measuring tape, handheld mirror for the bride, Bridal Curator™ cue cards, bridal bell, her Build-A-Bride™ manual and more!

In addition to the physical Curator Kit™, each Bridal Curator™ has access to our online ordering system (the portal) that is custom built in-house to meet the needs for our ordering process. It has been designed with attention to detail and ability to grow with the company needs. After hours, bridal curator’s customer support is also available to make sure night and weekend appointments ran smoothly for our B.A.B.E.’s!


STep four

A key component of being a B.A.B.E.™ is the training you receive from Build-A-Bride™ home office. When you first sign-up as a B.A.B.E.™, you’ll be assigned your territory and then spend the next 30-days taking our on-line courses created by Heidi Elnora herself. This will help you to learn the products, understanding the experience and identifying the ins-and-outs of owning your own business.

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During your initial training you will focus on various aspects of your business. You will get to learn and work with the products, as well as practice building different designs. You will learn to properly measure to ensure the correct size of a dress when ordered. You will work with fellow Bridal Curators™ and learn the entire process together. You will also have the opportunity to practice with each other and bounce ideas around.

Learning the products and process is super important, however building your business is also a key factor in your success. While at your initial training, we will help equip you with the knowledge you need to tackle social media, get the basis for a strong business plan and give overall support and ideas when it comes to marketing in general. You’ll also enjoy an art class where you will learn how to sketch dresses for your brides to keep after their appointments! Among all the training you will receive, you’ll also gain access to the Build-A-Bride™ manual that has been carefully and strategically complied to answer almost any question you could think of! The Build-A-Bride™ manual has been in the making for 13+ years and is full of valuable information for you and your business.

Each year, we have a “Curator Conference™” where all the boss B.A.B.E.’s from each initial training conference come to meet to fellowship with their fellow boss B.A.B.E.s, learn about our newest products, procedures, and policies, all the while taking in the scene and local culture of that year's location.

When you complete your initial training, you will leave with product knowledge, confidence in yourself and your budding business, and a sisterhood that is sure to be a dynamic support system in the coming days, months, and years!


Step Five

As a Build-A-Bride Entrepreneur, you will have the opportunity to work alongside a carefully selected group of female entrepreneurs to help serve others in a fun, unique way. B.A.B.E.s have the potential to earn a higher commission than the pyramid structure while having the opportunity to own their own business and serve their communities in a way that works within their families and lifestyles. B.A.B.E.s are dedicated, ambitious, hardworking, loyal, honest, coachable, goal-oriented, customer service focused, and energized by their work. They are girl bosses, Mom bosses, and B.A.B.E.s who are completely changing the bridal industry.

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Rather than the overhead of a brick and mortar business or a franchise that could cost $100,000+, your initial investment is $6500 with as little as 30% down payment in order to get started. With a lot of hustle and heart, you can easily make back your investment back in 6 months. An average curator is estimated to between $40,000+ in commission each year.*

*These numbers are based on a general rate off the sale of 6-8 dresses sold per month (approximately 2 dresses/week) at an average sale of $3,000 per dress.