Not Your Average Seating Charts

By Savannah Jones, Heidi Elnora Intern/Build-A-Bride™


Wedding seating charts are becoming increasingly more fun, and we are here for it! If you are looking to give out a few gifts at your wedding or have an interactive seating chart for your big day, look no further--we have you covered! 

Seating Chart with Drinks

Wedding seating charts that can double as a wedding favor check two things off your wedding list at one time. These small mugs are a wedding gift that can be customized with your wedding date, your wedding monogram, or even the guests’ names. Not only is it a fun gift to take home for the guest, but it can also double as a show-stopping seating chart.

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Seating Chart with Plants

Who doesn’t love going to a wedding and being able to take home a plant to remember the perfect day? These small planters add beautiful color and serve as a subtle seating chart for your wedding. This plant-themed seating chart is such a unique way to add greenery to your wedding while also giving guests something they can add to their home.

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Seating Chart with Tassels

This wall is an elegant way to add name tags to your wedding in a decorative way. Name tags with tassels are an easy way to carry your color theme throughout the wedding while still being subtle.

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Vending Machine Seating Chart

Want a wedding photo wall while giving a gift everyone will love? This is perfect! This handmade vending machine is a unique seating chart that will make finding seats fun for your guests. It is an interactive way to get guests even more excited for your reception, plus you can fill it with all of your favorite snacks and drinks. 

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Seating Chart with Arches

Need some ideas for a trendy seating chart that will transform your wedding venue? Here it is! This modern seating chart is an easy way to add your color scheme to a venue and make an artistic impact.

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Minimalist Seating Chart

This seating chart is perfect for any minimalistic bride. These clear geometric stands are a fun way to bring art into your wedding while also keeping your day minimal and clean. 

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Neutral Seating Chart

There is something so beautiful about a neutral color palette that fits into every wedding venue. This modern outdoor seating chart is a simplistic way to seat your guests and add a bold entrance to your wedding.

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Photo Seating Chart

Creating an interactive seating chart that is affordable can be hard to do. This photo-themed seating chart is a great way to include all of your guests and have fun memories for you and your guests without spending a lot of money.

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Seating charts can add a fun element to your wedding that is not only helpful, but also interactive. From boho seating charts to rustic seating charts to modern seating charts, we hope these curated ideas kickstarted your search for a seating chart that best suits you and your wedding dreams. 

August 24, 2021 — Heidi Baker