Wedding Arbor Ideas For Any Bride

By Savannah Jones, Heidi Elnora Intern/Build-A-Bride™


It is no shocker that wedding arbors have been gaining popularity over the past few years. From boho arbors, to rustic arbors, to modern arbors, there is a wedding arbor for everyone. We have pulled some inspiration to fill all of your wedding arbor dreams for your wedding. 


Rectangular Wedding Arbors:

These rectangular wedding arbors are modern while also being minimalistic. The wedding arbor pictured below is perfect for a boho wedding with the pampas grass and palm leaves--truly a boho bride’s dream.

Instagram: @apracticalwedding


This second rectangular wedding arbor is for the minimalist bride and would fit into any wedding venue. Painting the arbor can completely transform this decor to fit into any space. 

Instagram: @oceanhawksrentals



Arched Wedding Arbors: 

These arched arbors go to show that there is a wedding arbor for every type of bride. This organic wedding arbor is covered with flowers to create a whimsical wedding day look.

Instagram: @89thandautumn


This tropical wedding arbor is perfect for your tropical wedding destination. Painted pink and encased in leaves and florals, this colorful wedding arbor brings so much life to the wedding and scenery.

Instagram: @bloomantic_


Every minimalist bride’s dream: THIS! This beautiful black arched arbor is nothing short of stunning. Adding greenery or florals to this arch could change the look to go with any wedding theme.

Instagram: @emersonvenue


What a perfect arbor for a boho bride who loves a clean and simple look. This minimalistic arbor was brought to life with bohemian-themed florals that add to the rest of this bride’s venue.

Instagram: @apracticalwedding



Geometric Wedding Arbors:

Geometric arbors bring so much life and dimension to any wedding. This pointed geometric arbor is perfect for the modern bride and is an easy way to add more greenery and florals to an outdoor wedding.

Instagram: @bewilderfloral


How could you not love the hex arbor? This modern arbor is an easy way to add to your wedding anywhere. Keeping it simple and minimal or adding florals to the arbor makes it a perfect fit for any modern wedding. Jordan is one of our brides that had this beautiful hex arbor at her wedding. 

Blog: Real Weddings



Rustic Wedding Arbors:

Want to have your wedding feel like home for your guests? This could not be a more perfect rustic wedding arbor for you! This rustic wedding arbor brings art into an outdoor wedding venue.



Each wedding arbor has the potential to turn your wedding altar into a completely new space to say “I do!” There are so many ideas for everyone from the modern bride to the boho bride--and every bride in between!

Instagram: @invisionevents


August 18, 2021 — Heidi Baker