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atlanta, georgia

My name is Candler Yeilding, and I am a recent graduate of Auburn University - War Eagle!! I am currently pursuing my Masters of Business Administration at Auburn.  My degree is in Supply Chain Management, but I have always wanted to do something involving weddings! I met Heidi a few years ago when I was a debutante. She designed a dress for my mom years ago, so she knew Heidi would be perfect to design a dress for me.  All of the ladies at Heidi Elnora took me under their wing from the very beginning, so working for them is truly an honor. My biggest hobby is traveling - I want to visit every continent before I’m 30. My favorite spots to spend time with my family are the lake, Colorado, and Auburn football games, of course!  I am always looking to try something new whether it be new cities, food, or activities! My current obsession is smocking. I love spending time learning new stitches! I cannot wait to help you find the dress of your absolute DREAMS!

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Candler has not been a #heidibride yet, but she has been a #heididebutante!! When Heidi was first starting her business in Birmingham, Candler’s mom had an evening gown made by Heidi for a ball she was attending. Fast forward eight years... the atelier was the first place they went for her debutante dress! Two of Candler’s dearest friends were #heidibrides and they had the best experience! Heidi has an incredible team that made all of them feel so at home, and they made sure all of the girls picked out just what they  wanted for their dresses. The whole process was incredible, and they will definitely be back at the atelier for my wedding dress. For now, Candler wants to help you find the dress of your dreams! Candler loves to travel! Her goal is to visit every continent before she is 30... only three more to go! Candler’s favorite trip was to New Zealand, but her most trip to Austria might top it! She loves seeing new cultures and visiting with people that have lived in  these places their entire lives. She also loves to walk through the cities and take in all  of the incredible architecture. Candler enjoys watching sports, but nothing can beat watching anything Auburn. From football to basketball and baseball, Candler spends most of her time on the plains cheering  her team on. Her favorite thing to do is spend time with her family and considers her best friends blood. Whether it’s getting together for holidays or traveling to new cities, she loves to try new things with her family and friends.