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Birmingham, Alabama

I am a Birmingham native. I am a wife to my husband of 13 years and Mother to a beautiful daughter and charming son. I am a Registered Nurse and I am currently in school to become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. I am also the owner of Balanced Roots - a Health and Wellness Practice. I am an Ambassador for Emily Schromm by promoting and supporting others through nutritional food and strength programs.

I began a career change into fashion at The Art Institute of Tampa in 2004 but had to put this dream on the backburner due to my career in nursing. After 20 years in nursing, I have finally jumped back into my first passion. Heidi and I have been besties since junior high school. I am very excited to work with Heidi brides in finding that perfect dress to embrace their beauty and confidence on their special day.

I can be described as a dreamer, perfectionist, hustler, and basically a jack of all trades. I love to travel, try new cuisines, enjoy nature, and relax near any body of water in my free time with my family. I am a combination of a city and country girl with a gypsy soul. I can be found balancing life with a phone, la Croix, Rx bar, notebook, and rocking a messy mom bun.

Helping other women feel empowered, confident, and beautiful in their body is what keeps me moving forward.

Favorite inspirational quote “Your wings already exist all you have to do is fly”.

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Katrina Arnold-Feola has been married to her husband John for 12 years. They were married on Smathers Beach in Key West, FL on October 15, 2005. They had a small sunset intimate beach ceremony that included family and close friends. She wanted a simple, elegant, and timeless wedding. Katrina and John have three children: a 9-year-old daughter "Mady" and a 5-year-old son "Parker"and an 18 year old son "Chase." Let's not forget the fur kids "Izzy" the doodle and "Melmo" the fat cat. They enjoy traveling and seeking new adventures. They are very supportive and active with their children in sports, school and  the community. Recently their oldest son graduated as a USMC in May of 2018. They are extremely proud of him and his decision to serve our country. Katrina's hobbies include cooking, fitness, all things Halloween, any type of water and hanging out with her friends/family. She is currently in school for Nutritional Therapy and shares her passion with others on eating healthy and nourishing their bodies with nutritional whole foods.  She works out 4-5x a week. She believes in doing something you love and just moving your body. Her children participate in hikes, family workouts at the gym or a run in the park. Katrina and her little  brother ran their first 5k, the zombie run, two years ago. They survived without getting bit and had the best time and many laughs. She is part of Emily Schromm͛s tribe as an ambassador for all things health/fitness.  They took a trip to Costa Rica in Nov 2017 filled with all the workouts, food and adventure. This tribe shares the same passions and outlook on life and she can͛t wait for many more adventures with them. She believes that whatever you  choose to do make it fun and an experience you will not forget. Her absolute favorite time of the year is the fall. Halloween  is one of her favorite holidays. Her children have taken up this holiday as well. They start planning out their costumes and decorations for the house in July. She enjoys a girl's night out with her friends for over 20 years. These girls have been through all major life events together and will continue to be there for one another. You can find Katrina and friends likely floating on a tube at the lake, toes  in the sand or dressed up for a night out on the town. She is beyond honored and thrilled to be working alongside with Heidi as a Build-A-Bride curator. They have been besties since high school and will keep making new memories for their friendship. If Katrina were to get married again (of  course to the same man) she would wear the Katrina Arnold from the build a bride collection. This dress is free flowing, has all the drama and flair yet just enough sexy. She would add the Chloe crop top for just a bit of sophistication and timelessness. Completing the look with a pair fabulous shoes for the reception would be a must in this dress.

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