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Montgomery, ALabama

First of all, being a #heidibride has been my absolute best decision of wedding planning this far. I fell in love with Heidi and her team from the time we met, and my dress shopping experience was truly a dream. I’m currently planning my own wedding with my very best friend! We started dating when we were only 14 and have been together ever since. I graduated from Auburn in summer of 2018 with a degree in speech pathology and a concentration in math and science. I guess I’m living proof that you really can do something different than your degree.

A few fun facts about me - I’ve been to ten Kenny Chesney concerts in six different states. I also met him in Auburn AND got a private concert. I’m convinced that day will never be beat! I love to travel – anywhere and everywhere. If I’m somewhere on an island, I’m happy!

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Morgan’s  family and  friends and are  such a huge part  of her life! She has  a mom, dad, older brother,  and the cutest nephew. She says  that they’re her best friends and  biggest supporters! She recently got  engaged to her best friend, and they  are currently planning a wedding of their own.  Morgan’s fiancé, Cooper, and she started dating in 9th grade and have been together ever since. She graduated from Auburn University in August  of 2018 and enjoyed the best 4 years of her life there.  Morgan says that she truly made the very best friends and the  most amazing memories during her time in Auburn! Auburn will always  be home in her heart. Morgan says that traveling is hands down her favorite "hobby".  She is always down to travel, whether it's a quick trip to NYC or a week in the Caribbean. If you know Morgan, then you know how big her love for Kenny Chesney is. She has seen Kenny Chesney in concert 10 times. Her fiancé jokes that if Kenny Chesney asked her out on a date then she would call their wedding off in a heart-beat. She says he may be right... Kidding. ฀But, Morgan says in all honesty she is happiest at a Kenny Chesney concert!

Morgan’s dream wedding has a very classic, traditional feel to it. She loves flowers. Lots and lots of flowers. Morgan’s favorite flowers are soft pink, white, and cream colored peonies with some eucalyptus. She wants  a tall cake with peonies placed down the front (from Pastry Art, of course ).

 If Morgan were to choose a Build A Bride dress to get married in, she says it would be so hard to just pick one! There are endless combinations  and they are all stunning, making it such a difficult choice. But, if she had to narrow it down her two favorite combinations would  probably be the Middleton Top paired with the Meghan Augusta dress or the Valentina Top paired with the Vivienne Beau dress. Morgan says  she loves how classic and elegant both of these dresses are with a little touch of lace up top. She loves the back and the train on the  Meghan Augusta dress. Morgan also says the full the skirt on the Vivienne Beau, is very classic and timeless. Both of these dresses have a very different overall style, so she can't choose just one! Morgan says it's going to be quite a tough decision when she has to pick only one.


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