Elizabeth Singleton

Lead Designer / Production Manager

Elizabeth has been passionate about the fashion industry and serving people for as long as she can remember. After graduating from the University of Alabama with a degree in apparel design, Elizabeth began working for Heidi in 2012, where she has honed her expertise in garment construction and couture sewing techniques. In addition to leading our design team, Elizabeth manages our production from start to finish.

Elizabeth works with each of our custom clients and is beloved by our brides for her attention to detail and calm confidence when creating the most important gown a woman will ever wear.


Lauren Lockhart

Marketing Manager

Lauren has an eye for aesthetics and a heart for serving others. With a background in marketing, customer service, and management, Lauren is the customer-facing presence in front of brides and behind the atelier’s social media. With a master’s degree in luxury and fashion management from The Savannah College of Art and Design and a background in customer service, Lauren is passionate about sharing the unique story of Heidi Elnora Atelier.

Lauren consults with all of our clients via phone and genuinely loves connecting with others in person. It is no surprise she gets just as excited as you do when you say “yes”!