From every word spoken to every measurement taken, we believe in order to collectively be successful, it starts with a clear and concise mission statement with attention to detail and customer service being our number one priority.
— heidi elnora

Step one

From the first words spoken to the dress delivery, customer service and having a servant’s heart are the backbone of Build-A-Bride™. Your Bridal Curator™ genuinely cares about you and your wedding dress shopping experience. She wants to hear all about you, your wedding, your fiancé, and your likes and dislikes, so that when she arrives at your home it’s comfortable, it’s easy, it’s fun—it’s like playing dress up with your best friend who just happens to know a whole lot about wedding dresses.

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We created an intimate, upscale atmosphere through the design, marketing, and layout of each B.A.B.E.’s boutique. You will not find a cluster of dresses in clear garment bags but rather a perfectly curated selection of dresses in simple silhouettes that are organized and hanging perfectly in a row. Brides can fill the room with their favorite scents, hear the sounds of their favorite songs, touch our luxurious fabrics through our wide range of Build-A-Bride Add Ons, taste their favorite foods while popping their favorite champagne, all in the company of their favorite people. The “In Home Bridal Boutique Experience” (IHBBE) allows brides to have their bridal appointments their way. We are just there to help.


Step two

YOU decide when. YOU decide where. What makes Build-A-Bride™ such a special and unique experience is that you have control of your wedding dress shopping experience. No more driving from boutique to boutique. No more dragging your family and friends all around town. No more FaceTiming the people you love the most who couldn’t be there on that day. “It’s your day, your way.” – Heidi Elnora

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Will YOU choose the comfort of your childhood home surrounded by family and friends or will YOU choose to have your appointment more private in your one bedroom studio apartment downtown with just you and your fiancé? The choice is up to the YOU, the bride. YOU can fill the room with YOUR favorite smells, YOUR favorite music, YOUR favorite food, drinks, the works. It’s all about YOU, my friend.

Another great bonus is that YOU, the bride, are able to have as many or as few people present for your appointment as you choose. Brides can keep it simple and intimate with only one or two people or can decide to invite all of her bridesmaids! Once family and friends find out about this unique and special experience, they may even offer to host a party for the bride. The possibilities are endless. Just think of the Grandmothers, Moms, Aunts, and Friends who would all love to be there when you find your wedding dress. Having an IHBBE is more flexible in space than the traditional bridal shop. It also allows a convenient and flexible appointment schedule so that all the people you love the most can be there. Brides will not find any high-pressure sales pitches, but instead courteous, kind, and patient Bridal Curators™ ready to help the bride to find and create her dream wedding gown.


Step Three

The icing on the wedding cake is the process of the Build-A-Bride™ collection. With a variety of basic silhouettes (we consider them a blank canvas for the bride to build upon), the bride has endless options for designing her very own custom designed wedding dress. Each B.A.B.E. boutique owner has a curated collection of wedding dresses, which are unique and specific to her bridal shop.

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Each B.A.B.E.™ carries a minimum of 7 wedding dresses (available in multiple fabrications as well as the option to mix and match silhouettes), 10 add-ons, 5 belts and 5 veils. With our custom designed rack and brand signage, you and your crew will feel as though the bridal shop has been brought to you.


Step four

Our Bridal Curators™ are equipped with the knowledge to help you select your dream wedding dress. Not only do they have extensive knowledge of the collection, but they also have hands on training when it comes to building your perfect dress and getting the right style and fit for you body and your budget.

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After the dress silhouette is selected, and add on choices have been finalized, each bride will be measured to select their size. Bridal Curators™ receive detailed training and exercises when it comes to measurement, fit and overall product knowledge.


Step Five

We offer a variety of options when it comes to payment. Check, credit card and the ability to finance your dress are all readily available to you. We are thrilled to be able to offer financing options for our brides as this is not the standard in the bridal industry.

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Our financing options are 12 months no interest and no payment or 18 month no interest with payment. You have a full year to pay your dress off which is unheard of in the bridal industry. At the initial appointment, a 50% deposit is due to order the dress. The lead-time for a standard order is 16 weeks. There are rush options available for an additional fee. However, rush options cannot be promised to always be available. The remaining balance is due before the dress is delivered by the Curator.


Step six

Once your dress is complete and has passed final inspection it will be shipped directly to your curator. Your Bridal Curator™ will then once again review your dress and your order to ensure that everything is perfect. She will then contact you to schedule a convenient time to deliver the dress to you. Customer Service is key to our business and we want to ensure that every #buildabride bride has truly enjoyed her experience.

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The end result of an IHBBE is just as amazing as the experience itself. We are excited to offer this opportunity to brides across the country and we are always looking for kind-hearted, motivated, driven, customer service focused, girl, and Mom bosses to add to our team of boss B.A.B.Es!